5 Tips for Keeping your Weed Stash Fresh (and 5 Things to Avoid Doing!)

There’s nothing worse than rolling a joint, only to find out that the flower has gone bad. Cannabis has a relatively long shelf life, but you need to know how to store it properly to make full use of its life.


Your bud will never go bad when you follow these five tips and avoid these five common cannabis storage problems. We’ve also got a beginner’s guide to weed that you should check out first if you’re a new user.

5 Quick Tips to Keep Weed Fresh

These tips cover everything you need to know to make sure that your cannabis stays fresh. This also works for CBD flower as well.

1. Store Your Weed Properly

The biggest problem we see is people storing their cannabis improperly.

Weed needs to be kept in an airtight glass container. Ideally, this container will also block out UV radiation which could age your weed faster.

A great place to start is an amber colored mason jar. This meets all of our criteria of being airtight, made of glass, and blocking out harmful light.

2. Control the Humidity

You also need to control the humidity when you store weed. The dryer, the better, when it comes to cannabis. Moisture can not only make it harder to grind your weed and enjoy it, but it could also allow a mold or mildew to grow on your buds.

3. Upgrade to a Cannabis Humidor

If you’re getting a little more serious about your cannabis, you can upgrade that mason jar to a cannabis humidor. This works exactly the same as a cigar humidor, but tailor-made for weed. You could also throw a humidity pack into your mason jar for some added moisture control.

4. Know How to Rehydrate Your Weed

Weed needs to have a slight amount of moisture in order to get the best enjoyment. Weed that has been absolutely desiccated can lose some of its flavor. If you’re looking to rehydrate old weed, you can throw an orange peel into the mason jar you’re storing your weed in. That will slowly add a slight amount of moisture and bring your weed back up to a better quality.


5. Grind as You Go

One of the best tips is to simply grind as you go. Grinding all of your weed at once ages your buds much faster than if you would have left them whole. you should grind every time you want to roll a new joint or pack a bowl.

5 Things to Avoid When Storing Weed

Now that we’ve covered the five things that you should do, we’ll talk about the five things you should NOT do if you want to keep your weed fresh.

1. Don’t Store in the Fridge

Never store your weed in the fridge. Your fridge and freezer are full of moisture, funky flavors, and fluctuating temperatures. Your cannabis will have a better shelf life on a literal shelf than it ever occurred in your fridge or freezer.

This only applies to cannabis flower. Edibles often do better in the fridge than they do being stored like flower.

2. Dank Means Dry

You don’t want to store your cannabis anywhere that has a fluctuating humidity or moisture level.

Basements, garages, or on a shelf near a window are all going to experience greater fluctuations in humidity and temperature. This will quickly age your weed and take out some of the flavor as well as the potency.

3. Minimize Light and Air Contact

Keeping your cannabis fresh also means keeping it away from light and air as much as you can.

We like to keep our cannabis stored and its container when we’re not grinding. Getting in the habit of putting your buds back in the container and closing the lid will keep your cannabis fresher longer.

4. Avoid Buying in Bulk

Buying cannabis in bulk is extremely tempting. You can get a lot of value for your dollar, but will you be able to enjoy that weed before it loses its freshness?

In general, only buy as much cannabis as you know you’re going to be able to use before it loses its freshness. Buying in bulk might be a great idea for a party, but some of that weed might get a little stale if you’re using it for regular medical or recreational use.

5. Use Your Weed!

This ties directly into our last cannabis freshness tip. You need to use your weed before it starts to go stale.

General wisdom says that dry cannabis flower can be stored for somewhere between 6 to 18 months before you see a noticeable drop-off and potency. That’s a pretty broad time window that accounts for different storage conditions and different strains.

Using your weed before six months have passed since you bought it will ensure that it stays at its best quality.

Wrapping Up Keeping Your Weed Fresh!

Remember to keep your cannabis stored in an airtight container, away from light, and at a consistent temperature. Follow those steps and your weed will stay dry and you can stay high.

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