Crystal Joys offers a beautiful selection of authentic gemstones, jewelry & home decor.

Crystal Joys has been in the Fort Collins downtown community since 2016 and has been a beloved favorite to shop for gifts. Locally owned and operated, Crystal Joys also has a partnership with Sample Supports to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As a result, many of the items are handcrafted in the Fort Collins location and can be found in the “Handmade with Love” collection. Crystal Joys began in the early 1980s as a traveling gemstone jewelry store, making appearances at renaissance festivals, metaphysical fairs, and craft markets across the United States. Joy Renee founded the family business through her love of rocks and the belief that they helped to bring joy and positive energy to people’s lives. The original geodes sold in the store were hand dug by Joy and her family from rock mines and quarries throughout the US. Joy also traveled internationally to find unique and rare geodes. Joy then began creating original pieces of gemstone jewelry and the store became known for its beautiful hand-strung necklaces and gemstone pendants.


Joy was also a Reiki Master and Psychic Healer and would perform 1:1 healing sessions with people at the fairs while her husband and children ran the store. Her daughter is now the owner of Crystal Joys.

Shop online or in-store to find thousands of unique products, ranging from crystal pendants to fossil jewelry to statement pieces for your home. Each item is sourced from all over the world and is truly one of a kind. Use code CSU11 to get 10% off your next purchase in-store or online at

Colorado at 123 N. College Ave Suite 150 in Fort Collins.