Planning a Trip? Cornerstone Travels is in YOUR Corner…

With travel plans finally starting to come back to everyone’s horizons, having a friend in your corner could be the difference between a stressful trip and the best experience of your year. Luckily, Colorado State alumni Nick Baker and his company Cornerstone Travels can help. With years of travel experience and access to special bundles and deals, he can help you plan your next adventure.


“The biggest myth out there is that travel agents cost the traveler money,” Baker said. In fact, the way travel agents make their money is from hotels, airlines, cruises, etc. By using a travel agent, you pay the same or similar costs as other booking sites, however, a fee built into the price goes to the agent rather than the booking site. Baker specializes in planning trips, including tours, shows, transportation, and more. Dedicated to constantly learning, Baker remarked, “My favorite thing is to find fun hole-in-the-wall locations or really cool things off the beaten path. I love to discover the secrets of each destination and share them with my clients.”

A new set of adventures offered by Cornerstone Travels is catered to sports and pop culture fans. Travel to see your favorite team, or the locations of your favorite book/movie on pre-planned itineraries, cultivated by fans.

Cornerstone Travels is a family-owned business located in Northern Colorado. For more information about how to save time, money, and stress on your next adventure, find them on Instagram, or their contact information on Google, here or send an email to or call (970) 631-9547.