How to Distinguish Good Cannabis Seeds from Bad Ones?

Environment, climate, and light are some factors that affect the yield of cannabis produced. However, the one thing that is most crucial to producing good cannabis yields is cultivating top-grade weed seeds. 

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, the vast array of choices can be overwhelming. How do you know which seeds are good and which are bad? 


In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to distinguish the best cannabis seeds for sale from dubs that won’t sprout. With a bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to select the best seeds for your needs.

To check the quality of your marijuana seeds, you can follow a few simple methods listed below.

By Physical Traits

You can tell the quality of a seed by observing how it looks. A good quality seed has a dewdrop-like structure that is round from one end and narrower from the other. The bigger and fatter the seed, the more chances it will produce a fine yield. Seeds that are too flat will likely not sprout.

Furthermore, if your auto-flowering seeds have a white or pale green color, it indicates that they are most likely bad and immature. To produce a good cannabis yield, look for seeds with a dark brown, nearly black-like deep color with light-colored stripes on them. Moreover, go for ones that have a slight shine to them.

Additionally, be on the lookout for fungus; it is like a powdery white substance on the top of the seed. You can do this by either examining each one closely or viewing it through a magnifying glass.

By Touch

The outer shell of healthy weed seeds is usually hard and firm. It is most likely a bad, unhealthy one if it is soft and breaks easily when you press it between your fingers. Feel for cracks within the seed. Good quality seed should have no holes or gaps in it. It is best to throw it away if you can feel cracks or if it is soft and crushes when you press it.

By Doing the Float Test

Still doubtful about your weed seeds? Perform a quick floating experiment. For this, you will need a cup or glass of mild hot distilled water (make sure it’s not too hot). Add the seeds to the cup/glass of water and leave them for an hour or so. Following an hour, the healthy and perfect auto-flowering seeds will sink. Whereas the seeds afloat are immature and of poor quality.

Do this test only if you choose to germinate the auto flower seeds immediately. As the experiment is completed, the seeds would have absorbed the water, and if you attempt to dry them out for later use, you may end up ruining a good quality healthy seed.


By Sourcing your Seeds from a Reliable Place

It is crucial to buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank rather than an unreliable source. Professional seed banks pride themselves on producing the best quality, healthy seeds to produce a bountiful harvest.

On the other hand, if you purchase your weed seeds from an unreliable place, for instance, your local dealer or a hobbyist friend, you might end up investing in low-quality autoflower seeds that won’t germinate, ultimately wasting your time, energy, and effort.

So it’s best to do a bit of research to find the most reliable seed bank that will provide you with top-quality, healthy marijuana seeds.

By the Ultimate Germination Test

If none of this works, you can try the ultimate germination test that will undoubtedly tell you which of your seeds are good quality and which are duds. You can either place them directly in the soil and see if they bud or use the damp paper towel test.

Place some moistened kitchen paper towels on a plate and put your weed seeds on them. Place another kitchen plate on top to lock in the moisture. If they are fine and healthy, they will grow a small taproot because of the dark and damp conditions set under the plate. You can carefully transfer this seed into a pot while being mindful not to touch the taproot as it is very fragile, and you may end up damaging or infecting it.

The Final Verdict

Cultivating and producing a good cannabis yield comes down to having a top-quality weed seed. Purchasing the seeds from a reputable seed bank, examining them closely, and doing a water float test are some ways to easily identify if your weed seed is of good quality or if it’s a dub.