Student Legal Services: 50 Years of Helping Rams!

Student Legal Services (SLS) at CSU is celebrating 50 years of helping students.  SLS began in 1971 as ASCSU Legal Services.  The services grew out of a student desire to navigate adult legal problems and issues as the age of majority changed to 18 across the nation in the early 1970s.  


The office began with one attorney funded by ASCSU’s budget.  Eventually costs were supplemented  with an option for students to purchase a legal aid card for $4.00 at the beginning of each semester.  If a student did not purchase a card, the services were offered at an hourly rate.  Many students were unable to afford the hourly rate when problems arose later in the semester.  

A student fee referendum passed in 1978 of $1.00 per semester.  This created a more fiscally stable office with services available to most students.  The office became Student Legal Services in 1984. The student fee increased over the years to match a growing need for expertise and accessibility.  The current fee is $8.30 per semester as a full-time student and $3.49 as a half-time student.  The office is staffed by three full time attorneys, one office manager, and employs 4-5 students each semester with most services provided at no additional charge.

The mission of SLS is to help CSU students resolve their legal issues with as little disruption as possible to their educational endeavors. SLS focuses on educating students on the law, empowering them to help themselves resolve legal issues, and gain skills to use as they move into careers and life outside CSU.  SLS staff has the experience and skill to work with students on a broad range of issues and areas of law.   

We are excited to celebrate 50 years of serving students!


By Penny Gonzales-Soto


Director, Student Legal Services