5 Useful Ideas for Decorating Your Balcony

Here are 5 useful ideas for decorating your balcony. How to start, what will be of use and everything you need to bring to life all your ideas.

Thinking over the style of your apartment, it is worth paying close attention not only to the rooms. The balcony can be the main highlight of the interior of your home. People often turn it into a place to store unnecessary things. By the way, you can design it as an additional room or as a place to relax.


The rational use of loggias and balconies is crucial for small apartments, where every centimeter of usable space is the essence. It is possible to renovate underestimated square meters in a few simple steps.

Where to start the arrangement

  1. Carrying out an inventory of existing facilities

The very first element of arranging the balcony should be an ordinary but thorough cleaning. You will need to free up all the space.

  1. Getting rid of unnecessary things

Obviously, it is high time to throw out a lot of what was found, something to display and sell on the websites of used things. You can transport seasonal items to the garage or rent a storage room near your home (by the way, in large cities this is a fairly common service).

  1. Coming up with a design   measure the room; figure out how to equip a balcony; choose an interior style; draw up a plan for the arrangement of furniture, schemes for engineering communications and electrical wiring.

Balcony design options

  • Summer Terrace

We’ve all seen inspiring photographs of Parisian balconies, where freshly baked croissants and cheese lie on an elegantly set table, and wine is poured into a glass. You can create such an interior all by yourself, especially if you are the happy owner of an apartment overlooking a cozy courtyard or square.

Here you will need a table-top, like a bar counter, and several bar stools or a small folding table and a couple of stools.

You can place several pots with herbs: mint, basil, thyme or rosemary. There is nothing more pleasant than going out onto the balcony in the summer, sitting down at the table, making tea and adding to it leaves of mint.

  • Home Office

An excellent option would be to create a kind of mini-cabinet on your balcony. Here you can work at any time. To turn a balcony or loggia into a full-fledged office, most likely, some repairs will be required glazing, balcony insulation, special finishing of the floor and walls. However, if you are considering the option of a summer home office, then all that remains is to select the required furniture dimensions and make sure that there is a stable Internet connection.


  • Lounge Area

Those who dream of finding an oasis of serenity and tranquility have a great opportunity to create such a place themselves. You can turn your balcony into a small seating area where you can play board games with friends, listen to music, read or take a nap in the fresh air.

In this case, it makes sense to place a small sofa or cozy beanbags; if space permits, you can hang the hammock. By the way, you can also sit on the floor in this case, thick rugs and pillows made of wear-resistant fabric, on which it will be comfortable and warm, will be of a great use.

  • Green Corner

If you are a big plant lover or you like to grow some crops, but you do not have a summer cottage, then you can create a mini-plantation with your own hands.

Some amateur gardeners break whole rose gardens on the balconies, while others manage to harvest more than one crop of cucumbers and tomatoes per season.

In addition, here you can put an armchair with a small table and enjoy the view and scent of your favorite flowers.

So, when you decide on the design for your balcony, you need to remember one more important thing: transportation. Any repair takes a lot of time and effort, in addition to all this, you will need to travel to different hardware stores in search of suitable things for your interior. If you don’t have your own car at your disposal, and a taxi is too expensive, then consider getting monthly car rental. You can choose a comfortable car and organize the timing as you need it.