16 Useful and Surprising Facts About Golf Game

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Golf is an exciting game, it has become more challenging and popular over the years. The bouvier affair has 16 amazing facts about golf that will make it even more interesting.


1. Golf balls are in the moon! Golf is one of the only two games that have been played on the
moon. Amazing, right? In 1971 a player hit the ball with a six-iron but then, he had to do it with one
hand due to the pressure available in his suit.
2. In 2006 Mijail Tiurin a Russian astronaut was the first one to take a golf ball into space.
3. The highest golf course in the world is 14,335 feet above sea level.
4. The marks you see on a golf ball are called dimples! Hilarious, right? For instance, a British golf
ball has 330 dimples while an American one has 336. The dimples are said to help the balls fly
further and more accurately. These dimples numbers depend on the manufacturing company.
5. Golf is usually assumed as an acronym for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden.” This is totally the
opposite. More and more women are engaging into golf these days, ‘Golf’ is a Dutch word. It means
6. Golf was prohibited in Scotland by their king since it was a destruction from military activities.
They were forbidden from playing the game, especially on Sunday.
7. In accordance with the Japanese traditions, if a player gets a hole-in-one, it is regarded as good
luck. In return, he is obliged to share his good luck with his friends. So he always buys them gifts, and
might even throw a party. This is why Japanese players have hole-in-one insurance.
8. Tiger Woods made his first hole-in-one at 6 years old! He is the only golfer to win four majors in
a row. However, the youngest person to hit his hole-in-one was 5-year-old Littleton in 1975.
9. The most famous left-handed golfer Phil Mickelson is actually right-handed! The left-handed
skill, he adapted it from his father and till date he still uses his left hand while golfing. He has never
used the right-handed clubs all his life, through his career.
10. The more the dimples in a golf ball, the better. Many dimples allow the ball to resist wind
hence fly higher. Very dense dimples are however not a good idea. If you want optimum dimples for
both height and distance, buy golf with dimples between 380 and 432.
11. Heat is good for distance when it comes to playing golf. Golf balls have been noticed to go
further during warm and hot days. Warm days are less dense than cold days hence lower resistance
during travel. With a ball that has enough dimples, and it’s a warm sweaty day, then you are good to
12. Did you know; golf balls were originally made from wood? Yes, they were. These ball were
available during the 14th to the 17th century. The wooden balls were not so convenient since they
were replaced almost all the time.
13. Golfing is actually a good workout exercise. Golfing helps one burn 431 calories per hour,
assuming that they are walking through the golf course and not riding a golf cart.
14. China has banned the development of new golf. The government of China halted the
construction of golf several years ago. This has however not stopped the people from building them.
Builders intentionally avoid mentioning that they are building golf courses in their proposals.

15. There were alternative golf balls made of feathers, this were called feathery. They were also
available during the wooden balls era. These balls were just leather pouches filled with feathers.
They cost about 10-20 bucks.
16. The very first ever recorded hole-in-one was made in 1868 by Tom Morris.