Three Prestigious Career Paths for Master of Education Graduates

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If you’re working towards a bachelor’s degree in education or considering obtaining a teaching certificate, you’ll definitely want to be aware of the career opportunities that could be open to you after graduation.

Classroom teaching is not your only long-term option. While teachers form the backbone of the educational system, it’s important for you to be aware that teaching is not a dead-end job. The system needs administrators and other professionals to function correctly. There is definitely room for advancement in an educator’s career path.

Someday in the future, you will most likely be interested in pursuing work that offers better pay and more opportunities than a typical teaching role does. However, you will probably have to pursue an advanced degree to become qualified for these better-paying job opportunities. Consider earning your master’s degree and then following any of these prestigious career paths for Master of Education graduates:

1.   International School Teacher

There are English-speaking expats all over the world who send their children to international schools instead of the national public schools in the countries where they live.

What distinguishes an international school from a national school? Usually, the teachers in an international school teach a different curriculum than the one being taught in the national public school system. The curriculum might be the International Baccalaureate curriculum, or perhaps an adapted version of the National Curriculum of England. Typically, the teachers at international schools all conduct classes in English rather than the local language.

If you’ve dreamed of either traveling or earning a better teaching salary, becoming an international school teacher can help you to accomplish either goal — particularly if you earn your master’s degree. The best teaching jobs at international schools are highly competitive, and having an advanced degree is a distinct advantage in actually obtaining one of these prestigious jobs.

2. School Principal

School principals are typically required to have a significant amount of teaching experience as well as an advanced degree. If you wish to pursue a career as a school administrator, it could be advantageous to seek out a graduate degree program that offers an educational leadership specialization. For example, Southern Cross University’s online Master of Education program offers students the opportunity to choose between this specialization and one other. The educational leadership track is specifically intended to help aspiring administrators gain the skills and knowledge they will need to excel in that career path.

3. Instructional Coordinator

An instructional coordinator’s job is to help a school or academic institution meet or exceed government standards for student achievements and educational curriculum. So if you were to become an instructional coordinator, instead of teaching students, the focus of your career would shift to teaching teachers.

All 3 of these career paths are fantastic options for people who have earned their bachelor’s degree, obtained teaching credentials, gained experience working as a teacher and then gone on to earn their master’s degree. So if you’re planning to become a teacher, any of these roles could be a future goal for you if you eventually decide to pursue a Master of Education degree.