University Students Warned Against Using Online Essay Writing Services

Doug Hay


Although there’s nothing wrong with asking for help and support from others when it comes to completing university assignments, students are being warned against using ‘quick-fix’ essay writing sites. Not only does this put them at risk of being expelled from their degree whilst studying or losing it after graduation, many sites are also run by con artists out to scam students for hundreds of dollars.


Too Good to Be True?
Reports show that student mental health is more fragile than ever with a huge percentage of students in the US struggling to keep up with the ever growing academic and financial demands of higher education. Amidst this, experts have warned of a new scam in the form of websites that take students’ money in exchange for bespoke, course-tailored essays that often ‘guarantee’ a first. But,more often than not, these services then disappear and become uncontactable. If an essay is provided, it’s usually far from the superb results promised, but poor quality, late, or both.

According to the National Union of Students (NUS) in the UK, these essay mill websites will lure students in by preying on their anxieties and vulnerabilities. Statistics show that there are several hundred essay writing services operating globally. They offer essays that are written to order and charge anything from a few hundred to thousands of pounds depending on specific requirements.

Why Do Students Outsource Work?
There are several reasons as to why students are increasingly turning to outsourcing their university work. For some students, the pressure of ensuring that they meet their deadlines or ensuring they receive a high grade may be the reason, particularly when coupled with insecurities about their own skills and abilities. NUS vice-president for higher education Sorana Vieru said that essay mills will ‘home in’ on students’ anxieties and insecurities that their referencing and academic English skills may not be good enough.
However, she urged students to reconsider decisions to use ‘quick fix’ essay websites and seek help through their university, student’s union or school counseling service instead, to avoid risking both financial losses and jeopardizing their qualifications.

Don’t Risk Losing Out:
Not only does using an academic essay or paper writing service put your whole university degree at risk, bear in mind that many of these sites will ask you to pay up front, after which you have no guarantee that the work will be as expected, or even delivered at all.
The QAA are campaigning to make it illegal in the UK to assist students in committing acts of academic dishonesty for one’s own financial gain and similar campaigns are happening in the U.S. and Canada, however, no such law is currently in place. This is putting students in a very risky position when buying essays online, says Professor Thomas Lancaster, an associate dean at Staffordshire University and a leading UK expert on academic cheating. He added that many of these sites have been set up with no intention of providing an order once the money has been paid, and students have no ‘comeback’ if the order they’ve paid for is terrible quality, is delivered late or never even exists. Online essay writing services can appear, at first glance, to be a perfect solution for stressed, busy students on a tight deadline. But, is it worth risking your entire degree, and your money? Think twice
before turning to an online essay mill; don’t risk further financial worry and invalidating all the hard work you’ve put in so far for your degree.