Strain Review: Gel Head — an appetizing, easy smoke


Collegian | Tri Duong

Photo illustration of an indica-dominant sugar wax, Gel Head, from LivWell Enlightened Health Oct. 10. The taste delivered a fruity and floral sensation that soothes the sight.

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

As the leaves continue to change colors and fall to the ground, Coloradans know the first snowfall is just around the corner. The winter brings habits of staying inside and being warm while binging the latest murder documentary. But for stoners, it’s also the time of year to put together an insulated yet quick outfit to run outside for a fast smoke. 

So grab your sweatshirts and Carhartt beanies because we’ve got another strain worth checking out that will amplify your cold weather activities. This week we’re checking out #Hash wax products from LivWell Enlightened Health. 


Gel Head, an indica-dominant sugar wax testing at 68.8% THC, is this week’s lucky pick. The dark orange tint made me eager for what this strain had to offer. 

While the amount of THC in Gel Head was less than the 80% average I try to look for, it matched to the high you’d expect. If you’re someone with a higher tolerance, you might find yourself taking a few more hits than you’re used to. However, if you’re a once-in-a-while kind of smoker, this level of THC could be perfect for you. 

“Smoking marijuana can feel intimidating and harsh to your body, but when you find a strain that’s as smooth as Gel Head, you find a sense of relief.”

After one hit I didn’t seem to feel much, but the lack of high was pleasantly overpowered by the tastefulness of the wax. An exhale of Gel Head leaves you with a sweet aftertaste that’s hard to find. 

I wanted to test the limits of this strain to get a real understanding of its effects, so I dove headfirst and took about as many hits as I could in a sitting. While I don’t advise this method of smoking, this was purely for science.

Four to six hits later, I was finally baked. This is the point when I know tolerance seemed to come through, which is why I think Gel Head would be a great option for those of you who aren’t regular cannabis consumers. Being able to take back-to-back hits was only possible due to how smoothly the sugar wax evaporated. 

Smoking cannabis can feel intimidating and harsh to your body, but when you find a strain that’s as smooth as Gel Head, you find a sense of relief. 

Indica is known for its relaxing qualities, which were in full swing in this wax, creating a very calming sense of reality. After indulging, all I wanted to do was break out a simple puzzle or catch up on the latest episodes of “Rick and Morty.” 

However, if you’re more like myself and are looking for a wax that will give you a buzz off the first hit, this product might not be what you’re after. Usually a gram of wax can last me anywhere from a week and half to two weeks, but because of the amount I personally would need to consume to get me to the level of high I prefer, I can see myself blasting through this gram in a week. 

Regardless, for $16, Gel Head could be an affordable pick for casual smokers to get a tasty moment of bliss. For my consistent consumers, I wouldn’t waste your time unless you want a cheap, short-lived but yummy smoke break. 5/10 rating.

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