The Game of Thrones World Record Holder

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Game of Thrones  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not every day you see a man throw a keg more than twice his height into the air. It’s even less ordinary for that man to also be a famous actor. Such is the world today.

“Plenty of actors can throw a kegger. Just buy the beer and party on. But the guy who plays The Mountain on “Game of Thrones” can throw a keg.


Watch Hafthor Bjornsson hurl a 33-pound keg more than 23 feet (7.05 meters) in the air to break his own world record, according to the YouTube video posted by Official Strongman.
Performer that he is, notice how the 27-year-old Icelandic giant works the crowd at the Giants Live Sweden event on Saturday. “It was easy! I could have broken the roof,” he reportedly said afterward.”