For the Naughty Adult-Children in Your Life

Santa needs a supply of coal for the naughty c...
Santa needs a supply of coal for the naughty children – he conveniently keeps it at the GCR. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The perfect gift for that practical jokester friend in your life, or maybe that person that you secretly hate but feel socially obligated to be nice to, is a piece of coal with a cute little note.  Allow them to figure out which they are to you, and allow hilarity to ensue.

“Did someone make your “naughty list” this year? Here’s a possible Christmas gift for that jerk in your life: a lump of “real Kentucky coal.”


Sold on the Kentucky for Kentucky website for $7 (“$542 less than an iPhone 6,” the company boasts), the coal lump comes in a festive box and a cheery holiday greeting.

“Merry Christmas, butthole,” the note reads.”

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