The Curse of Buried Treasure

From one high-tide tale to another, let’s have a look at people who go after booty. Booty as in pirate treasure, not the stuff found in the club. Problem is, many of them went missing, or are dying, in pursuit of their gold.

Buried Treasure: illustration of William "...
Buried Treasure: illustration of William “Captain” Kidd overseeing a treasure burial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Legends and stories abound about wild west outlaws or high seas pirates hiding their stolen fortunes in secret caves or mountain passages or remote islands. These tales often carry the threat of curses and booby-traps placed around the ill-gotten riches, to keep them from being discovered.


If “X” marks the spot, Nova Scotia’s Oak Island has harbored a reported buried pirate treasure since the late 1700s.

“There’s been an awful lot of tragedy there — six fatalities. There’s the cost of human life, the cost of human fortune, and a cost in human time,” said Marty Lagina (pictured below on the right with his brother, Rick).”

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