Taking Fruit Ninja Too Far

Fruit Ninja is played by using a touch pad to ...
Fruit Ninja is played by using a touch pad to slice on-screen fruit. Additional points are awarded for slicing multiple fruit in one swipe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple loves to put Fruit Ninja on their store products, since it has become a beloved game for the masses and is a good demo piece for people who want to see how games and graphics work on the newer iPod/iPad generations. This man, however, wanted to play his own version of the game by taking a samurai sword into the Apple Store.

““His face looked a little contorted and twisted,” she told reporters. “I thought he was doing some sort of performance art, but then he pulls out this sword with a huge 2-foot-long blade and it was dead obvious that it was a real sword.”


Police officers already present in the store subdued the suspect and arrested him with the help of additional law enforcement called to the scene.”

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