Selfie Stick Self Defense

Selfie Stick

Nun-chucks may be obsolete, because now you can learn how to subdue an attacker with your selfie stick. And where else would be the place to learn this, if it was not Russia.

“Selfie-defense has arrived in Russia. Martial arts experts in Moscow have devised a new fighting technique specifically for selfie stick users, according to reports. The discipline is dubbed “mpd-fight” (monopod fighting), reports the BBC.


It aims to give tourists who get too caught up with snapping the perfect shot of themselves in front of an attraction the key skills to fend off potential muggers.

And it’s apparently so easy to learn that it can be picked up in five simple classes, M24 is cited as saying. The exact methods used by the fighters who go on the crash-course have not been revealed. We’re presuming it’s not as simple as smashing the robber in the face with the pole.”

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