Living in an Internet Cafe

Here's what many young people in Seoul do for ...
Here’s what many young people in Seoul do for fun on a Friday night (and every other night) – go to a “PC Bang”, which is basically an internet cafe designed to accommodate online gamers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When reading this story, my first thought was, “Oh, cool, living in a cute little internet café could be fun and pretty peaceful.” My second thought was, “How, for 10 years, did someone not notice the woman living in the back room?”  The world may never know.

“Xiao Yun had been missing since 2005 and her family presumed she was dead.


But she had been living in different Internet cafes in a nearby city since she left her home in the eastern Chinese city of Hengdian at age 14 after a heated argument with her mom.

The now 24-year-old hugged her mom in an emotional reunion with her parents over the weekend after she was found in Hangzhou, about 100 miles from her family’s home, reports the Qianjiang Evening News.

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