Drunken Cab Joyride

English: A checker taxi cab. Deutsch: Ein Chec...
 A checker taxi cab. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most college students, whether it’s their own story or a story of one of their friends’ escapades, have a story about indulging in too much alcohol and going a bit too far. Even CSU has the story of the boy who stole an ambulance and took it down College for a midnight road trip. This woman saw his ambulance and decided to raise him one taxi cab.

“A real estate broker could be in uber trouble after allegedly stealing a taxi cab and driving drunk through the streets of New York City.


Kinga Tabares, 27, was arrested early Friday morning in the neighborhood of Chelsea after officers found her behind the wheel of a yellow Toyota taxi, according to the New York Daily News.

Police said the taxi was pulled over and Tabares was vomiting out the window.”

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