Black Friday’s Extreme Couponers


It’s a TV show, it’s a lifestyle, and for many, it’s the only way to get deals other than Black Friday. However, when these two worlds collide, you have no idea what you’re in for.

“I’d like to welcome my special guest–Kristine, an extreme couponist. Please enjoy her insightful interview:


“How do you coupon? Any tips?”

Kristine: “Besides subscribing to The Journal, I also go online and download coupons. I used to wait for the Sunday paper, but it helps me to go online throughout the week and stack up my coupons. Downloading from the store’s website helps me find specific products that I actually use. Grocery stores, Walmart, clothing stores, and other places have websites that are worth browsing before you go shopping. My favorite stores are Walmart and Martin’s. I think you get better savings at the grocery store Martin’s because it allows double couponing. You can’t beat that.””

To read the interview (and possibly save some cash), click here.