Alternative Thanksgiving

English: Thanksgiving Dinner, Falmouth, Maine,...
Thanksgiving Dinner, Falmouth, Maine, USA 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we all begin to head home for the first holiday of the season, you may be thinking about ways that you can spice up your old fashioned Turkey dinner. Well, turns out the new way to do that is to infuse your Thanksgiving goodies with good old-fashioned weed seasonings.

“I’m a Thanksgiving traditionalist. I like my turkey cooked in the oven, traditional mashed potatoes, several types of stuffing, and an appetizer of stone crab and oysters (it’s a Florida thing). However, when it comes to ‘Friendsgiving’ where me and my bros and lady bros get together for a potluck I’m much more willing to experiment. Enter ‘Weedsgiving’, a Thanksgiving meal where every single dish on the table incorporates weed, marijuana, cannabis, or whatever the hell you want to call it.


The bros over at Cut Video put together tutorial videos on how to incorporate marijuana into every dish on your Thanksgiving dinner table: Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, and Green Bean Casserole. They did leave out mashed potatoes, but you can just use the cannabutter you make for your Weed Turkey in order to prepare the weed-infused mashed potatoes.”

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