A Day in the Life of Pictureplane

Switching over from actors to musicians, this artist has a life that you won’t believe, even if you see it.

“Meeting Travis Egedy, or Pictureplane, in real life can take you aback momentarily. When he arrived to the VICE offices, he came equipped with a skateboard under his arm, 50 Cent earrings, and an extremely cool bomber jacket from his Alien Body clothing line. He arrived right as I finished listening to the last track off of his new album Technomancer, and some part of me truly believed that the cyber-occult dystopia synths and samples had summoned a physical representation. Pictureplane the person and the body of work are one continuous being born from technology, art, and culture. You want to know the secret of how you can seemingly warp reality to look like music the way Pictureplane has done. And he wants to teach you.”


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