Voodoo Dolls and the Vintage Life

Nicole Perez, of Davenport, and Becca Clark, of Moline, stand among some of their merchandise at Abernathy’s, their eclectic store at 315 E. 2nd St. in Davenport.

For all your alternative needs, there is a store that now caters just to your fancies.

“Voodoo dolls. A bat in a glass frame. Eyeglass frames from the ’50s. Leather cuffs. Vintage Halloween masks. Retro dresses. A vintage prosthetic limb. If you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s at Abernathy’s. Partners Nicole Perez, of Davenport, and Becca Clark, of Moline, describe their store in three words: vintage, handmade, weird.


“It started, and what we thought it would be kind of blossomed into something new in a great and unexpected way,” Ms. Clark said. “The store connected with people on a level we didn’t expect. We saw a lot of like-minded people who really liked unique and eclectic lifestyles, but a lot of more traditional people love it, too. That’s been exciting, having the store be welcomed and loved by lots of different people.””

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