Why Some People Are Left Handed

While you may not think of being left-handed as an alternative lifestyle, let’s stop and consider it for a

two scissors for Left-hand and Right-hand. Cle...
two scissors for Left-hand and Right-hand. Clean up of previous image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

moment. Tools, such as scissors, or more commonly made for people with right hands. Writing is difficult for people with left hand dominance, do to excessive smudging. So why are people left handed anyways?


“Only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed. And it isn’t always easy, as the Ted-Ed video above points out: Lefties experience discrimination. They are more prone to some negative experiences and behaviors than their right-handed counterparts, including a greater likelihood of learning disabilities and even some mood disorders. But left-handedness also has its benefits — including an important evolutionary advantage. ”

To watch the Tedx video, click here.