Tattoo Plinko

The Trump Stamp

According to the Statistical mind, 49% of people consider the prestige of an artist before getting a tattoo, and 43% say they must find comfort or meaning in their chosen design. These people, however, played Plinko with a tattoo artist whom they’d never met to determine both the design and location of the tattoo they would be getting.

“So imagine having ink done without having any choice in the design or location.


Elite Daily’s “Tattoo Roulette” features people playing Plinko, a game from “The Price is Right,” to determine the cheesy tattoo they will bear — and where.

An Elite Daily spokeswoman assured The Huffington Post that this is all on the level. Of the 12 people selected to play the game from a casting call on Craigslist and Facebook, only five backed out, she said.”

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