Step-Dads and Weddings

English: A wedding aisle in Montgomery, Alabama.
 A wedding aisle in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually, it’s traditional for the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle, but step parents make that tradition a bit messier. If the biological father is still in the picture, then that right usually goes to him first, but this dad decided to change up the rules and shake up a traditional wedding.

“When Todd Bachman’s daughter got married last weekend, he wanted to make sure that her stepfather was recognized at the wedding in some way. After all, her stepdad had helped raise her.


So when it came time to walk his daughter Brittany down the aisle, Bachman did something completely unexpected: He stopped the procession, ran to the front row and grabbed her stepdad Todd Cendrosky in order to share the honor of walking their daughter down the aisle.”

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