Fat-Shaming Turned Into Positive Lesson

English: A photo of a Tim Horton's cup of coff...
 A photo of a Tim Horton’s cup of coffee. Taken in store’s Lambertville, MI location. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually people who are the butt of fat shaming comments get mad, or sad, but this mom took it as a lesson to be had, a lesson she wanted to impart on her daughter.

“One Michigan woman refused to let name-calling get her down, turning hurtful words into a positive experience instead.


Dianne Hoffmeyer stopped at a Tim Hortons in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, this week, to buy doughnut holes for her young daughter, Liliana, and a coffee for herself. While in line, she says she heard two women whispering insults about her looks and calling her a “whale.”

“‘Oh, look at her hair, it’s nasty looking, and the roots are coming in,'” Hoffmeyer said she heard the women say, according to WXYZ, a local ABC affiliate.”

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