Disneyland Couple has Disneyland Engagement

There are normal fans of Disney, and then there are Disney fanatics. Those are the people who collect the pins, the figurines, every keepsake Disney has to sell. This couple took even that a step further, perfectly recreating the most famous 101 Dalmation scene for their engagement photos, and it was perfect.

“A couple of Disney fanatics have produced a barking mad set of photos to toast their engagement – by recreating scenes from 101 Dalmatians.


Corinne Jones, 25, and Tony Collier, 26, a recently engaged couple from Illinois, decided to do things a little differently when it came to their celebratory snaps.

Huge fans of the original 1961 Disney classic , 101 Dalmatians, they recreated the famous opening scene using costumes, props and real dogs.”

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One of the Engagement Photos