Back to Home

Homeschool Picnic
Homeschool Picnic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we all head back for another semester here at CSU, we also have the opportunity to take advantage of the various “Back to School” deals that seem to adorn the store fronts all over town. But what does back to school look like when your school is your home?

“Millions of kids across the U.S. are eagerly sharing their first-day-of-school sentiments across social media, from Instagramming their back to school outfits, to selfies in the classroom. While 50.1 million American youngsters are expected to attend public school this fall, over 3% of school-aged children will be homeschooled — and for some, their school year has no start date. The stigma against homeschoolers is beginning to dissolve as parents look to alternative educational environments in which to enlighten the minds of their children. And with ten out of the 16 top trending Instagram hashtags on August 24th dedicated to all things school-related, homeschoolers are taking this time to share a glimpse into their unique educational lifestyles.”


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