WTF is a Dictionary Term

The Webster Dictionary

Webster is at it again, with a whole new list of internet slang to make it into those brick-like dictionaries in the coming year. 

“Merriam-Webster just added “emoji,” “meme,” “WTF” and “clickbait” to the dictionary among 1,700 new words, meaning that the Internet has succeeded in ruining the English language. JK LOL


In a blog post, Merriam-Webster noted that some of the new words are “kind of goofy” and some come from the “not-so-natural world,” including “net neutrality,” “dark money,” “click fraud,” “photobomb” and “NSFW.” We’ll take just a little credit: The entry for “jegging” includes a citation from a HuffPost article, and another citation for “clickbait” refers to “those seductive Huffington Post-esque headlines.”

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