World-Wide Geek Day

Slightly embarrassed Star Trek Officers. Flick...
Slightly embarrassed Star Trek Officers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As geeks and nerds make their rise from scrutiny to popularity, the world has decided to give them a day of celebration, Geek Day.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the smartest gadget that could fit in a pocket was a calculator, and to get through a firewall, a hacker needed an axe. Before Microsoft founder Bill Gates was revered as a philanthropist and Apple founder Steve Jobs as a prophet, they were among those the world called geeks. ‘Geek’ used to be a put-down: a stereotype of the pimple-faced computer whiz with taped-together glasses and two left feet. Smarter than nerds, and nicer than creeps, they existed in their own universe of computer games, cult sci-fi novels and Star Wars figurines.”


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