Weird Baseball

Bradley Holt
Bradley Holt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s be real, baseball is a little weird. The whole point is to run in a square before you can get tagged by a ball, and there are so many superstitions that surround it that it can get a bit ridiculous. Don’t believe me? Just read some of these baseball names. 

“It’s just that in order to boost ticket sales, minor league teams tend to focus a bit more on the gimmicky side of baseball versus the sport itself. When is the last time that the New York Mets held a Seinfeld-themed game or the San Francisco Giants had “Win a Used Car Night”?


In that vein, minor league team names tend to be less about intimidation and more about creating a goofy, family-friendly environment. Here are some of the weirdest minor league names that are not quite ready for the majors.”

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