Disrespectful Pac-Sun?

The American Flag Shirt That Has Been Questioned

This one Pac-Sun shirt has gotten a lot of controversy, and there are definitely two sides to the issue. 

“One clothing company, Pacific Sunwear, is under fire for a t-shirt that was prominently displayed for the Memorial Day weekend that many Americans are calling offensive. The t-shirt features an image of the American flag in black and white flying upside down. An American flag flown upside down is a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property and those opposed to the shirt feel that unless PacSun was being robbed at gunpoint, there was no reason for such an offensive shirt to be on display. However, backers of the shirt say that the flag is rightfully being flown upside down as many feel the country is in a state of distress and are allowed to fly the flag in such a manner thanks to freedom of speech.”


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