When Triplets Get Married, Life Gets Confusing

Rafaela, Rochele, and Tagiane Bini

In most families, it’s a competition to see who gets married first, while in this family, they just decided to marry off all three of the sisters at the same time. They only problem is that they are all identical, which caused a bit of confusion. 

“29 year old triplets Rafaela, Rochele, and Tagiane Bini from Passo Fundo, souther Brazil, tied the knot the same day at the same ceremony, wore the same wedding dress, as well as hairstyle and makeup, and confused not just their guests but also their grooms who also looked strikingly similar.


The only way guests could distinguish one bride from the other at the ceremony on Saturday was the different colour of bouquet they carried. Even the grooms, Rafael, Gabriel, and Eduardo, said they had worried they might mix up their wives-to-be when it came to exchanging vows. One of the grooms, Rafael, who married Rafaela, told how the girls sometimes deliberately confused their fiances.”

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