Wacky Couples and the Weird Made Normal

Eadweard Muybridge's Phenakistoscope: A Couple...
Eadweard Muybridge’s Phenakistoscope: A Couple Waltzing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone does things with the significant others that they probably wouldn’t do with anyone else, such as using nicknames or childish pranks and an assortment of odd things. To prove that this is normal, HuffPost has made a list of their top 10 Weird Couple Things that are Completely Normal. 

“If you’re part of a couple — or have ever been part of one — you know that couples do some pretty strange things. Eating off each other’s plates, keeping the bathroom door open while doing one’s business, the list goes on… But there’s more to it than that those offenses; there are many things couples frequently do that they don’t cop to as easily. But don’t worry. We’ve got them covered. Here’s a few of those things all couples do that seem a little wacky but really are completely normal.”


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