Tom Brady and His Odd Photoshop

Tom Brady in 2006
Tom Brady in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sports, whether you love them or not, are part of the American culture. We make athletes as important as noted philanthropists and dignitaries, and we give them our attention day in and day out. What is getting attention right now is Tom Brady and the picture he made for the Celtic’s game. 

“Tom Brady is coming off of a historic season that ended in a Super Bowl victory. However, the New England Patriots aren’t the only team from the area who are trying to win a national title this year. The Boston Celtics are squaring off against the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Eastern Conference playoffs begin. Brady thought the best way to wish his former team luck was to photoshop a ridiculously awkward photo of him in a Celtics uniform.”


To see the picture, click here.