Smoke Weed Every Day?

The Lullwater, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, lo...
The Lullwater, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, looking south from Binnen Bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe not a habit we would encourage, but this woman seems to think it works. 

“Author Catherine Hiller grew up in New York’s Greenwich Village, and smoked her first joint in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. When she took that first hit, she’d been in training, smoking cigarettes to get the motions right. But she says nothing could prepare her for the euphoria, and she’s been unapologetically hooked ever since. “It was just wonderful,” Hiller reminisces on this week’s HuffPost Weird News podcast. “It allowed me access to certain thoughts and ideas that I hadn’t had before.” In her new book, “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir,” Hiller chronicles her adventures in counterculture, and challenges preconceived notions about what a pot smoker is like.”


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