London: The Leader in Eco-Decoration

English: A modern house with a living roof The...
 A modern house with a living roof. The roof of a building that is covered with vegetation and soil (or with a growing medium) is called a living or a green roof. For more information see (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London has taken the lead in the idea of sustainable and “living” designs, covering much of their city with live infrastructures, such as CSU’s own living roof and wall.

“What do an inner city law firm’s office, a proposed bridge over the River Thames and a 160-metre skyscraper in the shape of a giant walkie-talkie have in common? Apart from being located in London, they all support (or will do soon) a surprisingly diverse range of life – and we’re not talking suited and booted office workers. Energised perhaps by Garden Bridge – billed as “a walk through the woods spanning one of the greatest rivers in the world”; planning application for which was approved in December – London now finds itself “greening” in unorthodox ways. From living walls and vertical vegetable patches to rooftop apiaries, plant power is taking the British capital by storm (with a little help from the insects).”


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