Cuba Ahead of US in Marraige Equality

LGBT flag map of Cuba
LGBT flag map of Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cuba is experiencing what has been dubbed the Rainbow Revolution, a movement for LGBTQA rights that Castro’s niece seems to be driving with a vengeance. Not only is it working, but Cuba has made more strides in that direction than the United States. 

“The journey from rejecting to embracing gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyles has been as complicated for Cuba as it has for many other countries. But the surprise may be that Cuba has indeed gone down that road, and done so even faster than some of its neighbours. Still more surprising is that credit for the progress is largely given to Mariela Castro, the niece of Fidel and the daughter of Raul Castro. A member of Cuba’s parliament, she is also the director of Cenesex, Cuba’s National Centre for Sex Education – which has vigorously championed Aids prevention and LGBT rights.”


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