Adding Renewable Energy to the Grid

English: A part of the „Demonstration Project ...
English: A part of the „Demonstration Project at Gobabeb of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency“ (DeGREEE): The solar panels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A renewable Earth is the goal today, but how close are we? Really, closer than you think, but one of the big hurdles is adding power made at home (through solar panels or other home energy conversions) back onto the city grid. 

“A study led by Eilyan Bitar, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, offers a comprehensive reimagining of the power grid that involves the coordinated integration of small-scale distributed energy resources. The study, commissioned by the Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC), asserts that the proliferation of renewable energy must happen at the periphery of the power grid, which will enable the local generation of power that can be coordinated with flexible demand. Bitar’s study outlines a new architecture to enable what he calls a grid with an intelligent periphery – a version of the so-called smart grid – along with coordination strategies and mathematical models to simulate how such a reorganized grid would work.”


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