A Change for Alternative Fuel

English: Skyline of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lookin...
Skyline of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, looking northward from the 8th Avenue bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alternative fuel is and always will be a hot topic in the United States. In a new debate on how successfully a state can run on alternative fuel, Iowa has come under the microscope. 

“The (Moline) Dispatch (http://bit.ly/1AlLcvF) reports at least 80 percent of the western Illinois city’s vehicle fleet runs on something other than gasoline. That includes electric cars, as well as vehicles and equipment that use an 85 percent ethanol blend, compressed natural gas, propane and biodiesel.


The Iowa Clean Cities Coalition has asked Moline’s fleet department to lead presentations on its efforts this year at the Iowa League of Cities conference in Cedar Rapids and the Growing Sustainable Communities Conference in Dubuque.”

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