The Rising Trend to Get Fit: Rock Climbing

Woman Climbing Rock Wall

Traditional methods to get fit are often boring and slightly degrading. Whether it’s running in public, going to a gym, swimming laps in a pool, all of it is monotonous and brings the eyes of others to make you feel self conscious. So instead of promoting the continual chain of self-conscious workouts that lead to no workouts, break the cycle and try rock climbing. 

“People have been climbing hills, mountains and rocks as a form of exercise for years. The disruptor — which is really only a couple of decades old — is doing it inside. The first indoor climbing gym in the U.S. opened in the 1980s, but there’s been a boom of late. “These gym owners have figured out that they don’t necessarily need people who have climbed Yosemite or Annapurna,” says Clare Malone, who wrote about the new climbing craze for the New Yorker. “They just need who are sort of looking for a cool, different, alternative way of working out.””


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