Riff Digital: The Snapchat Alternative

Have you ever been listening to Hudson Taylor or Rise Against and the lyrics seem to encapsulate the moment you are in and everything around you just fits in perfectly? Well, when trying to Snapchat that perfect moment, the music doesn’t make it, and your friends just don’t understand. Well, music lovers, enter the age of the Riff. 

Snapchat Logo

“Riff aims to improve the efficiency and enhance the experience of music discovery in a way that is intuitive for users and lucrative for artists. Riff allows users to select a clip of any song available on their mobile device or Riff’s sizable in-app library and supplement the clip with a photo taken either in-app or accessed from the device’s gallery with the option of adding text. The message is then sent to other Riff users who will be allowed to view the message for the length of the clip (up to 20 seconds in length) before it disappears. At the close of the message, recipients will then be presented with the opportunity to buy the song that was shared with them.”


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