Clothing, Minus the Sweatshop

Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resources Defense Council (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although America is against slavery and forced labor, many of our products are still conceived in outsourced sweatshops and unregulated factories. Though the outlook may be bleak, is trying to take a step forward. 

“Linda Greer, a senior scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), describes fabric mills as one of the apparel industry’s “hotspots”—producing cotton is another. Making fabric uses a lot of water, energy and chemicals, and it’s often done in places where resources are cheap and environmental regulations are lax. It is also a difficult point along the supply chain to address, not only because it’s so removed from the end consumer, but also because it operates at arm’s length from their more immediate customer, the multinational brands that buy the fabric.”


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