A Weird Way to be Productive

Hanging pocket watch

Ever wonder were all the time in the day goes? Well, with this weird computer trick, you’ll be more aware and productive during the time you have than ever before. 

“There’s a setting buried inside System Preferences under Date & Time on OS X that makes your computer audibly read out the time every hour (or more frequently). Turn this on and you’ll start getting an almost-human voice barking the time at you from your computer on a regular basis (you can do this on Windows too, but it’s a little more complicated to get set up).


Even though that sounds stupid and like something you might not want, it actually made me far more aware of how I was spending my time and how far through the day I was. Consider this; it’s easy when you’re a knowledge worker to stare into your screen for much of the day before suddenly realizing you haven’t achieved much when 5 PM rolls around.”

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