Female homicides in Ciudad Juárez
Gender Symbols (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Move over feminists, menimism is the new trend in gender equality. And what better way to usher it in than with a satirical retort from feminists in the form of a makeup tutorial?

“This entire video was laced in simplified points and sarcasm. I don’t want to turn this problem into a comparative narrative and make it a meninist vs feminist scenario because that helps no one. Please understand that I’m aware that both movements have merits and problems. But meninism seems far more focused on derailing feminism than it is on working towards men’s rights. And while feminism, and feminists, may have certain faults – I believe the movement remains valid for as long as females are represented with such paradoxical vitriol in the media, barred from certain jobs because it’s a “man’s world”, and in certain countries literally have less rights than men. ”


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