Where You Can Meet Anyone, Including Vampires

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 A screenshot from Dracula (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ladies, want to meet a real life Edward Cullen? For you classicists, maybe a Dracula? Well now you can!!

“Popular social site engages all kinds of people from around the city, from stay-at-home wives looking to connect with moms to German film enthusiasts and even real-life vampires. At least, that’s what Tarik Rêver will tell you. He’s the leader of Meetup group “Collective for Vampirism Rock industrial Horror” — where goth rock and alternative lifestyle locals come together. “I want to bring people together that might feel left out and judged by society for being a goth, vampire, and a horror movie buff,” Rêver says. “Meetup reaches people that normally would not know about these events.””


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