Indy-Butchering On the Rise

Tsukiji, Japan Butchering a 400Kg tuna
Tsukiji, Japan Butchering a 400Kg tuna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a world where butchering is seen as inhumane and more people are turning to alternative diets, like veganism and vegetarianism, it makes sense that an alternative to modern butchering would also be on the rise. 

“There are two Danny Meyers. There is the ground-breaking restaurateur who opened Union Square Cafe, a restaurant that held the title of New York’s favorite for the better part of a decade, in his early 20s. And then there is the founder of Shake Shack whose fast food empire doubled in value when the IPO launched late last week. Meyer, already a wealthy man from his many successful fine dining restaurants, holds a 21% stake in Shake Shack that is now worth roughly $330 million.”


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