Diet Found to be as Important as Mental Health and Wellness

Foreign seeds can be caught anywhere, includin...
Foreign seeds can be caught anywhere, including these harvested flax seeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got a long day? Turns out your breakfast choices may be just as important as your 30 minute daily meditation. 

“We know that food affects the body — but could it just as powerfully impact the mind? While the role of diet and nutrition in our physical health is undeniable, the influence of dietary factors on mental health has been less considered. That may be starting to change. For the first time, the FDA’s new dietary guidelines, announced last week, included a point considering the possible role of diet in mental health outcomes. The FDA reportnotes, for example, that the American Psychiatric Association classifies omega-3 fatty acids (which are most commonly found in oily fish) as a complementary treatment for depression. However, the advisory panel concluded, for now, that the research was too limited to make policy suggestions.”


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