Ireland Takes A Leap In Alternative Fashion

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One of several independent shops on Alcester High Street. The ‘Fashion and conventional clothing’ description is intriguing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ireland, not known for it’s fashion trends (unless St. Patrick’s attire counts), has taken one giant leap for alternative menswear. 


“The idea of thwarted manhood, outlined by US sociologist Michael Kimmel in his 2008 book Guyland, identified a growing trend among young, white, middle-class men unwilling to face conventional male responsibilities and who dress like inner-city African-Americans. Feeling a decline in their status and raised in a culture of instant gratification, these men find the idea of working for a future unappealing, Kimmel asserts.

What does this all have to do with a new menswear shop that has quietly opened on Aungier Street in Dublin? Its founders say that Nowhere was born of a shared interest in such discourses on modern masculinity and menswear. They say the shop is not just a retail project.”

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