Wrapping with a Twist

Now that we’ve started you off on some alternative gift ideas, let’s wrap them in a way that reflects the uniqueness of the gift.

“It’s not hard to believe that the outside of the gift is just as important to some people as what’s inside. This holiday we’re vowing go the extra mile — or at least make it look like we did — to make our wrapping shine,” says Stephanie Morgan, the author and self-proclaimed wrapping expert. “The good news is putting the finishing touches on those gifts we’ve spent weeks choosing doesn’t have to be another chore on the “to do” list. We’ve got lots of ideas to change things this year, and with just a little help and creativity, you’ll have your packages perfectly done in plenty of time to enjoy the egg nog.”


With amazing gifts, you should leave them guessing, wondering what is in store for them behind all that crazy wrapping. From sprucing up the holiday gift bags to thinking outside the box, there are plenty of ways to wrap a gift in style.

For ideas, read the original article here.


Think outside of the box. A pretty linen might do the trick. (Photo: CINDY HOSEA/Staff)