Christmas Music Meets Alternative Rock

English: Frankie Stubbs playing live with Leat...
English: Frankie Stubbs playing live with Leatherface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting sick of the Christmas music that sounds like it came straight from the 50’s? Yea, me too, and I love Christmas, so I can’t blame you. Luckily, you have an alternative. 

Austin360 is a Texas news and entertainment site that is giving us one of the best Christmas presents ever. “Instead of trying narrow down the vast catalog of recorded holiday music into one super-playlist, or instead of only devoting one playlist to Christmas music in a month that’s tailor-made for it, we’ve got the ultimate gift. Each week in December, we’ll wrap up a new Christmas music playlist in a different genre. This week: alternative and indie.”


If you want to plug in to a fresh take on your childhood tunes, check out their Spotify playlist here, or bookmark their page to see next week’s pick!